Last Updated On: 2 June 2016

5 Golden Tips for Pain Management Professionals Working on PI Cases

Personal injury cases require some amount of pain management either via prescribed pain relief medicines or by non-medical means. The amount of drugs prescribed acts as an indicator of the intensity of pain. Some patients require pain medication and some do not. But if you are working on a personal injury case with an attorney, it is highly essential that all medications are documented. These prescriptions act as concrete proof of the intensity of the pain. The length of recovery is also considered. Meaning, if the time to recover was too long, the injury was definitely great. Documentation of progress during the recovery period is essential for the personal injury case. So, make sure that each visit by the patient during recovery and pain management is noted and the progress is written on your chart.

Here are a few tips for pain management experts while they work on personal injury cases with attorneys:

1. Make sure that you interview the patient thoroughly and evaluate the pain and injury. Ensure that you document the treatment for pain every time you visit the patient.
2. Schedule appointments regularly with the patient so that you understand what medication is working and what’s not.
3. Check the discomfort caused by the pain and the impact it has on the life of the patient.
4. Visible injuries and the pain associated with it are easily believed. But those injuries that are not visible require a doctor’s note or prescription as proof. Note all your observations and prescriptions on pen and paper. Taking photographs of injuries as they progress towards recovery is also a great idea.
5. Lastly, ensure that you communicate with the patient regularly. It will help you keep a tab on the recovery and help them heal sooner!

Pain management is different for different patients and the time duration it takes to heal is different too. It is essential that the patient and the doctor together maintain a detailed file of all the steps taken.

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