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The Power Liens Vision 

“Created by an attorney, for attorneys.”

Power Liens’ goal is to improve access to physicians that work on liens. Two things are necessary to accomplish this mission. The first is having industry expertise from the perspective of a personal injury attorney to serve the needs of doctors and law firms. The second is to leverage the power of technology to create a simple and seamless solution for patients, doctors, attorneys, and their staff.

Previously, it was incredibly difficult to locate qualified medical doctors that accept liens. Power Liens was born out of a desire to address this very need. Our website facilitates the initial online search, but it is our in-house research team that locates any doctor requested as soon as possible. What previously took hours to complete, is now facilitated through our website and our hands-on customer service team in a matter of minutes.

Our success would not be possible without our dedication to our health care providers, who are vetted and qualified. We are also very grateful to the patients, doctors and law firms who turn to us daily to find the ideal physician.

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Founded by a personal injury attorney, marketing specialists and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Created to improve an attorney’s access to physicians and health care providers that work on personal injury and workers’ compensation liens.

Dedicated to health care providers that provide exceptional service to their patients and are experienced in the world of personal injury and workers‘ compensation.

Designed to be simple and seamless, Power Liens helps attorneys find the perfect doctor for their case.


Always place our clients’ interests first.

Conduct ourselves with integrity and treat clients with respect.

Maintain a high-quality environment that attracts, retains and develops the best people.

Contribute our talents and resources to serve the communities in which we live and work.





Power Liens or its executives are members of:


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