Last Updated On: 13 June 2016

How to get listed as a doctor for personal injury cases and how to monitor your success

Doctors are an important part of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. Many people involved in an accident or a work-related injury require extensive medical care. This sometimes includes emergency hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation and pharmacy services. But what if they are not able to pay for their treatment upfront? Or their insurance cannot cover the expenses? In such cases, their attorney selects a doctor who is willing to work on a medical lien or a letter of protection. This means that the doctor will treat the patient until recovery and all the payment will be settled after the case closes.

As a doctor, you are at an advantage while working on liens. You get to work on cases that are different from the routine! As more and more attorneys are taking up personal injury cases, the demand for doctors who agree to work on liens is increasing.

Doctors find it a good option these days unlike in the past when negotiating terms with attorneys was difficult due to the presence of middlemen and the entire process was frustrating. The doctors avoided liens. Today, the scenario has changed. The good news is that today there are many resources available where attorneys can find doctors and doctors can enlist themselves for working on liens.

We at Power Liens strive to bridge this gap and make the entire process easy! Our aim is to provide doctors and lawyers with a common platform. We maintain a directory of doctors and attorneys who can filter out and select a doctor by their specialty and location. Other than that, providers who meet a certain criteria and standards are listed as preferred providers. These doctors get a highlighted listing on the website. In general, the criteria for being a preferred provider includes, experience in dealing with personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, properly written medical reports that have been scrutinized by the service and references from a personal injury attorney who supports the quality of the doctor work.

We have over 4000 doctors listed with over 25 specialties. That’s what makes Power Liens the most unique online directory of doctors on liens.

The good news is that doctors who wish to work on liens can register themselves. Moreover, once you have your profile and you login, you can monitor your own success!

You get detailed bar graphs of all your cases and their results. You can check how you are doing on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

If you are looking to get listed as a doctor working on lien cases for personal injury and workers’ compensation, create your profile with complete details about your specialty, experience, success rates on Power Liens and begin! Lien work may take long to resolve, but it definitely has great benefits for both – the attorneys and the doctors involved!

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