Last Updated On: 16 October 2012

Getting New Customers For Your Practice: Part 1

When seeking out new customers, there are several mistakes that are common among new practices. The biggest mistake is placing a product, in this case your practice, in front of an audience who does not need your services. Knowing the demographic that you are trying to reach is a very important step in the process of acquiring more business in the form of new clients. Once you have designated the demographic you are trying to reach you can then proceed to marketing your practice. Personal Injury Liens are becoming more and more relevant so keeping this key area of business as an option will be very important. The common way people purchase a product follows a hierarchy that is common among many industries. Name Recognition and Proximity are the most important factors when you are reaching out to new patients. Your prices also have an impact on the amount of new patients that you will receive but the cost someone is willing to incur is of less significance than your notoriety. If you allow different payment methods it will help expand your reach. Leaving out new possible clients because you will not accept cash or liens will only diminish your potential returns not boost them. Many new practices tend to market their quality and service but this is what causes you to lose the patients, not attract them to your office.