Last Updated On: 28 November 2012

Hello California! Power Liens is here!

We are VERY excited to announce that Power Liens has officially added California doctors on liens to our directory!

California is the state with the MOST personal injury claims in the country (many of the victims uninsured), and as such attorneys are often looking for a physician who will treat their client on a lien. Many times attorneys have clients who live in areas they are unfamiliar with or need doctors of rare specialties, now they have a free and easy option to find the right doctor for that case.

The first batch of doctors added to the California directory are in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and Redding. The rest of California doctors will be posted in the upcoming month. Some of the physician specialties in our CA network include orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, neurologists, MRI facilities, medical labs, dentists, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation), pharmacies, internal medicine, podiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.

As always, personal injury attorneys have access to our list of doctors for free, never a signup or login required. They can use our proprietary filtering function to narrow their searches down to specific degrees held, services offered, office hours, or even whether they provide transportation!

We also have our research team on-call to find any obscure specialist that might not be on our list. Especially since we don’t have all of California up yet, make sure to call us if you need someone we don’t have! We do this as a courtesy to attorneys and only ask that they continue to use our site and let doctors know they were found on Power Liens.

Help spread the word!