Last Updated On: 14 February 2017

What it Means to be Power Liens Preferred Provider

At Power Liens, we are always doing our best to share our Preferred Provider physicians with law firms. Why? Because every one of your clients deserves the best and it is our aim to connect you with the perfect doctor for each and every case.

That said, we realize that not everyone using our service knows what it means to be a Preferred Provider and this is something that we would like to change. Welcome to Preferred Provider 101:

• Power Liens has personal relationships with our Preferred Providers. Our account executives check in on referrals and whether the doctor is seeing patients. They will also make sure that scheduling is going smoothly for both sides.

• Our Preferred Providers are vetted and ready to see patients on a lien. We note their years seeing patients on lien and whether they accept both personal injury and workers’ compensation.

• Their profiles and CV’s are accurate because we make them. Our marketing department works with the doctor to get all the details correct including location, work history, education and even languages spoken.

• Finally, our Preferred Poviders are experienced and highly specialized. Power Liens is meant to make a difficult process smooth and easy, and lawyers simply need to search by area and location to find the right physician for each case.

Power Liens is proud of ever-expanding network of Preferred Providers! Our goal is to make finding the perfect physician on lien a smooth and easy process, and unlike many other services, Power Liens stays completely out of the negotiation. Once the doctor and attorney are connected, we stay out of it.

If you are an attorney, get started with your search for a preferred provider simply by entering the specialty and location of the doctor you are looking for! Get started here.

If you are a doctor interested in expanding your lien practice and seeing more patients on a lien, give us a call at 800.680.5526!