Last Updated On: 5 April 2013

New Specialty: Neuropsychology to be Added to Our Directory!

Neuropsychology will soon be a searchable specialty to go along with the 20+ specialties already available on our site. After realizing the need personal injury attorneys have for this specialty, we will expand our directory to fill that need. Most people are familiar with a clinical psychologist but personal injury professionals are constantly on the hunt for a sub-specialty in Psychology that better suits the needs of their accident victims. Because of the nature of car accidents, the possibility of head/brain trauma taking in place is extremely high. Clinical psychologists diagnose and treat disorders of the mind. When there is physical trauma to the brain, a Neuropsychologist is needed to diagnose and treat the injury because it is now a brain related injury. This slight difference puts the Neuropsychology sub-specialty in high demand with personal injury attorneys who are searching for the right doctor on lien for their client. To find these doctors on lien is not very common place so it makes it very time consuming to find a Neuropsychologist who will accept a lien from an attorney. Our dedicated research team has began calling doctors’ offices and will soon have listings available to personal injury attorneys searching for a Neuropsychologist that will treat on a lien.