Last Updated On: 5 October 2016

How Pharmacies Can Help in Your Personal Injury Cases

During the course of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, some pharmacies will work on lien to fulfill the client’s needs with the prescribed medication and drugs and do sowithout expecting any payment up front. Thisrole that pharmacy plays is crucial to a personal injury case and the well being of the client, especially when the client has no other means of payingfor medication personally or through insurance.

In this way, the pharmacy acts as a liaison between the doctor and the attorney and also ensures that the prescriptions are delivered to the client without delay. This enables the doctor to treat the patient quickly, as well as provide relief for the injured party who otherwise would not have access.
The scope of how a pharmacy can help in a personal injury and workers’ compensation case includes:

Supply of medicines and other medical aid as required by the doctor

A pharmacy working on lien will provide clients with all the medicines that are required for proper treatment by the doctor. The pharmacies do so with the understanding that payment for these drugs will not be prompt, and that they will only receive proper compensation after the case is settled.

Ensure prompt delivery

Pharmacies accepting lien cases assure that the medication prescribed by the doctorwill reach the client in a prompt manner. To do so, the pharmacy sending the medication will require the original prescription from the doctor. If further medication is required, the pharmacies will also provide the refills, so long as the doctor continues to prescribe it.

Maintain records for the case

In addition to providing the medication as prescribed, Pharmacies actively keep bills and other details that are required by the attorney for the personal injury or workers’ compensation case. In turn, these details properly equip the attorney with all that he requires (from a pharmacy’s perspective) to produce the best possible result from the case.

Where We Come in…

Unfortunately, Pharmacies that work on lien with attorneys and doctors on personal injury cases are difficult to find.This is exactly why Power Liens has put together an online directory where attorneys can easily locate pharmacies in their area that are willing to help their clients, and do so at no cost.

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All of this ensures that the client gets all the supplies required for treatment promptly and all the parties involved can communicate easily and effectively. If you are an attorney or doctor looking for a pharmacy willing to work on lien, Power Liens is the place you are looking for!

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