Last Updated On: 9 June 2016

Physical therapy and its role in PI lien cases. How to easily find a physical therapist on lien

Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion. They generally are required in cases where the doctor wishes to check whether surgery can be avoided, or they are called upon after treatment – for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation with physical therapy generally helps improve the quality of life of the patient. They can then pursue their favorite activities and move about without any dependency. While surgery could be the best course of action for some patients, physical therapy is equally effective and many times cheaper than surgery.

In cases of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, physical therapists on lien are required by attorneys to treat their patients. Attorneys find it difficult to locate a physical therapist in the same location as the client. It’s practically impossible to locate and call each one or go knocking on their doors! That would be such a tiresome task! Doctors and attorneys are among the busiest professionals! This is exactly where Power Liens can help!

Power Liens is an online directory that has a database of doctors where attorneys can simply browse with the specialty and the location and get a list of doctors that accept liens.

Selecting a physical therapist is as simple as that.

Benefits for attorneys

• Attorneys can find a physical therapist within a few clicks.
• Attorneys need not leave the comfort of their office to find a doctor!
• There is no middle man interfering with the negotiation.
• The attorney gets to select the doctor he is comfortable with.
• The client gets help sooner and treatment begins without delays.

Benefits for Physical Therapists

• Physical therapists get to work on cases other than their routine.
• They get a chance to grow their network and as a result, grow their practice.
• They build business relationships with people they know.

Physical therapists are very important for the rehabilitation of patients with mobility issues after a personal injury. They are called upon by attorneys working on personal injury cases and need to be aware of how liens work.

With Power Liens, the gap between the doctors and attorneys is effectively bridged. Within a few clicks, attorneys get access to an entire list of doctors who have registered themselves for providing services on lien or a promise to provide services without the expectation to be paid up front.

We also have a list of preferred doctors that have been scrutinized and are known to be professionals in their fields. Preferred doctors have proven reputation and have worked on such cases before. They understand the importance of documenting every treatment that they suggested. If you are a physical therapist looking for working on personal injury cases, register yourself at Power Liens right here –