Last Updated On: 5 June 2016

Power Liens could empower your Lien Case!

Personal injury cases generally deal with someone injured due to the negligence of another. They need medical care even though they cannot pay it out of their own pocket or by using their insurance to cover the expenses. But, they do sue the other individual who caused the accident. The doctor then takes a lien for future payment. This means that after the case is settled, whether positive or negative, the doctor gets paid in full.

It’s sometimes very difficult to find doctors on liens who agree to work on such cases. This is exactly where Power Liens steps in. Power Liens is an extensive online directory of Personal Injury and Worker Compensation physicians on liens. They have a comprehensive list of over 4000 doctors with more than 25 specialties. They cover four states and help facilitate your lien case!

So, how does Power Liens facilitate your lien case?

Negotiation directly with the doctor

Whenever there is a middleman, the negotiation gets frustrating! They place a lot of conditions and then decide whether the case should be taken or not. This adds to the time taken to arrive at a decision. The entire experience is too tiresome. With Power Liens, we do not interfere with the attorneys or the doctors. The attorneys browse through our database and select the doctor whom they wish to work with. The doctors have already registered themselves which means that they and the attorneys directly negotiate and we stay out of it! It’s that simple!

User friendly interface that adds to the convenience

The best part of using an online portal for this purpose is that it’s just too convenient! We offer you a user interface that is very easy to use. All you need to do is to select the specialist you require for your case, and then type the address of your client and then search for doctors that are registered with us. There are filters to narrow down your search. Select a doctor and make an appointment! That’s as easy as it is!

Preferred Doctors

We also have a list of preferred doctors on liens. These doctors are vetted to provide excellent services. Their services are excellent for both attorneys as well as patients. Preferred doctors will accommodate patients with either same day or next day appointments. Their services are accurate, timely and thorough. They also promise to treat attorneys and patients in a welcoming manner. They have a reputation of working with excellence on liens and hence have received the Power Liens’ seal of approval!

So, facilitate your lien case with the best doctor to assist you. This will definitely help you close your personal injury cases sooner. You get a huge database to locate the right doctor suitable for your case and your client gets accurate medical support when needed.

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