Last Updated On: 1 June 2016

Why Is Psychological Evaluation Required In A Personal Injury Case?

Personal Injury, especially the one caused by a life-threatening event, can result in psychological trauma. For example, if the injury has caused some kind of disfigurement or disability of important functions, it can cause psychological stress. Another common scenario is when someone has a near-death experience and has escaped an accident – but has watched others (near and dear ones) go through serious injuries in an accident. Post traumatic stress response requires evaluation and analysis from a reputed psychologist. Especially head injuries are candidates for psychological evaluations.

Here are some of the reasons for psychological evaluations in personal injury cases:

• Individuals in a personal injury case are evaluated by psychologists to ensure that the trauma has not caused any psychological impairment. The results of the injury or accident on the psychology of the person are thoroughly analyzed via interviews and tests. This allows the doctor to understand the path for treatment.
• A psychologist may be called upon to evaluate an existing condition. If the individual involved in an accident already suffers from a psychological ailment, the doctor will evaluate whether the trauma has worsened the impact or exacerbated the situation.
• In personal Injury cases, psychologists are also called upon to provide their expert second opinion about the individuals who have already been identified as having undergone psychological trauma due to the accident. Second opinions could be very important in some cases and could speed up the recovery and as a result speed up the personal injury case for the attorney.
• The goal is to confirm the findings or challenge the finding and establish a link between the psychological findings and the recent trauma that the patient has been through.
• Additional treatment can be suggested by the doctor working on a personal injury case. These treatments could greatly accelerate the treatment and the progress of the personal injury case.
• The psychologist may make initial diagnosis and suggest treatments or add to the treatment suggested by another doctor.

So, if you are a doctor or an attorney looking to work together on a personal injury case, you can consider the following scenarios where you might require a psychologist to work with on a lien case. Well, Power Liens provides you with a perfect online platform where you can select a doctor to work on a personal injury or workers’ compensation case on a lien basis.

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