Last Updated On: 6 June 2016

Easy Steps To Find A Doctor For Personal Injury On Lien

Those involved in serious accidents are transported to the hospital emergency room. Hospitals are bound by federal laws to provide emergency treatment to such patients, even if they cannot pay for it upfront. This kind of emergency care ends as soon as the patient is stable enough to be discharged. Many patients however require follow up care, prescription drugs and medical rehabilitation. If the injured person has medical insurance, it is enough to pay the doctors and hospitals. But what if there is no insurance? This is exactly where your personal injury attorney can help you! The attorney works with a doctor on lien. This basically means that the doctor agrees to treat you until the case is settled and he will be paid after your case is finalized.

Many times, doctors are unwilling to work in such an arrangement. Reasons could be varied and there is no way anyone can force them to. Working on lien cases is by choice. It’s a doctor’s choice to put the patient’s wellbeing above everything else. The injured patient’s attorney in such cases needs to find a doctor under an agreement that he will be paid after the case is settled.

To bridge the gap between attorneys, patients and doctors willing to work on liens, we have put together a smooth and sleek way to find doctors. Our unique online directory has registered doctors for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases on liens. So, you do not have to run helter-skelter looking for one. We have one of the largest directories of doctors. If you are an attorney looking for a doctor for your next personal injury case, here’s how you can find one in three easy steps!

Step 1: Locate

In the very first step, you need to enter your location. Or more precisely, enter the location of your client. This location will be used to search our database for all the doctors (registered with Power Liens) in that area.

Step 2: Enter the specialty

Pick one of the 28 specialties of physicians to choose from. Once you have the list of doctors in your required areas, you can filter them as per your requirement and then narrow down the list.

Step 3: Call

Once you have shortlisted a few doctors, all you need to do is call! Call them and explain your case. Make your appointment we stay out of it. Select one doctor that suits your case.

There are many other lien companies that interfere with the negotiations between attorneys and doctors. At Power Liens we ensure that you are in total control of the case and the doctors are free to decide. There is no compulsion or no conditions that will restrict you from negotiating your terms for any case. Any kinds of middle man interactions or interruptions are really frustrating – we understand that!

Looking for a doctor for your personal injury or workers’ compensation case on lien? You are at the right place! Select from over 4000 doctors with over 25 specialties right here –

Power Liens is the largest directory of Personal Injury on liens and Workers Compensation physicians working on liens or letters of protection.