Last Updated On: 25 April 2017

Introducing Chiropractor on Lien, Dr. Hooman Mehr

EZ Care WellnessPower Liens is proud to have Dr. Hooman Mehr of EZ Care Wellness as a Preferred Provider! Dr. Mehr is a Chiropractor based in Los Angeles who accepts patients for personal injury cases on a lien basis. She has been taking these patients for over 15 years, making her an excellent resource for attorneys in the Los Angeles area!

As attorneys know, the most important qualification for any physician on lien is experience. The process is very different from the typical case that a doctor sees, and those with a past in personal injury and workers’ compensation are a highly desirable resource. The reports, payment and letter of protection can seem foreign to doctors new to lien work; luckily, directories like Power Liens help you to find proven personal injury physicians at no cost to the attorney!

In addition to Dr. Mehr’s experience as a Chiropractor, her facility also is capable of doing imaging and urgent care. These make her a great contact for both attorneys and doctors, and in the event of a patient being referred for non-invasive treatment it is best to have a facility with multiple functions.

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