Last Updated On: 7 June 2016

How can doctors get listed on the largest directory of liens

We know that personal injury and worker compensation cases require a doctor to treat the patient while the case is settled in court. Attorneys are always on a look out for doctors on liens to treat their clients as long as it takes. But, what is in it for doctors? Why would any doctor provide services without being paid upfront? Why would a doctor choose to wait until the case is over?

Very few doctors opt for lien cases due to the general notion that it’s too risky and the results could take days or months! This is not true. Even if it takes a long time, the process is not as risky as it seems. There is a lien or a legal agreement that your services will be paid for no matter what the results of the case are.

Placing the needs of a patient above all and ensuring that your treatment provides the patient relief is what makes a doctors profession noble. If you are a doctor who wishes to enlist yourself as available for personal injury and worker compensation cases on lien, here are a few easy steps to get you listed on the largest lien directory. You will benefit from the visibility you get and attorneys will be able to easily locate you to work with on their next personal injury case.

Some of the most common doctors who work on personal injury liens are orthopedists, chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, pain management specialists etc.

To get listed on Power Liens, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. Fill out your details via a very simple registration process.
2. Enter your specialty and a short description about your skills and successful cases.
3. Enter your location and create your profile.

Once your profile is published, attorneys who are working on personal injury cases or worker’s compensation cases will be able to find you easily.

Once you have worked with a few attorneys, you will create your own business relationships and it will help you negotiate terms for working.

Power Liens is free to use and there are no costs involved. We do not interfere in any kind of negotiation between attorneys and doctors. It is totally up to the attorney and the doctor to define the terms and conditions for working together. This eases quite a lot of stress that builds up during the negotiating phase. We believe in providing the attorneys and doctors with a convenient way to work together – without worrying about any middle men trying to make a few bucks out of the entire deal! It’s just that simple and that convenient too.

So, if you are a doctor looking for working on lien cases, register with the largest directory of doctors where attorneys can find you easily!