Last Updated On: 8 June 2016

Introducing PI cases for Spine Surgeons and how they benefit from working on liens

Personal injury cases deal with accidents that are generally caused due to the negligence of another. Some accidents cause severe back pain or serious back injury. If the spine is in any way affected in such cases, a spine surgeon is required to perform the surgery. Spine surgeries are generally very critical and require specialists to perform.

The personal injury case is generally handled by an attorney and the patient is the client. Attorneys always want the best of best surgeons to work for their clients so that they are treated within stipulated time and the case can be successfully closed.

The patient requires urgent treatment but is unable to pay for the treatment up front. In such cases, the spine surgeon enters into an agreement or lien with the attorney and his client. This agreement generally states that the doctor or surgeon agrees to treat the patient on a promise that he will be paid after the case is settled in court. This means that even if the outcome of the case is positive or negative, the surgeon receives his payment.

Personal injury cases or workers’ compensation cases are generally emergency cases and doctors get a sense of satisfaction of helping someone at their time of need. Their job is valued and paid – of course in due course of time.

Here are some of the benefits for spine surgeons by working on personal injury cases:

• It’s different from the routine work at hospitals. It’s a break from the routine hospital rounds.
• Working with various attorneys helps build connections and you can select a list of attorneys to work with on a regular basis.
• It’s a way to extend your services for the good of others. Payment comes after the case settles.

Power Liens is the largest online directory that has more than 4000 doctors registered. Attorneys can browse your profiles and decide whether they wish to work with you on their personal injury cases. It is a convenient way to find the right doctors without too many parties involved in the negotiation.

Power Liens is one common platform that connects the lawyers and doctors to work together on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. The good part of it all is that doctors and lawyers directly negotiate with each other – we stay out of it. We do not act as a middle man in any of the negotiations. That makes the process for you very easy and you can command your terms in the negotiation.

If you are a spine surgeon and wish to work on something interesting other than the routine, lien cases could be a good refresher! What’s more – you get that extra income too!

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