Last Updated On: 18 October 2012

Getting New Customers For Your Practice: Part 2

In order to maximize your reach to new patients, you must understand how the total population is divided. There are three subcategories of the masses: demographic, psychographic, and geographic. Trying to create a new market within this breakdown is very difficult so maximizing your return from where your business is already coming from is the best plan of action. That is why investing some effort in personal injury liens will help provide additional income for your practice. If you open your practice to these liens you will be able to tap into a demographic that is seeking healthcare in high demand. If your clients are coming from a certain area or social background it is best to focus your time and effort in that pool of the population rather than dividing your time equally everywhere. When dealing with these subcategories of the masses, there are barriers that will inherently cause you to lose out on some business. Your goal is to appeal to these new potential clients in a way that will get them out of their negative preconceived beliefs and trust your practice. If you’re a current doctor on lien or want to start accepting them, make sure to get listed on Power Liens to give you a boost.