Last Updated On: 3 October 2012

America’s Deadliest Jobs

Each year thousands of US workers suffer serious injuries at their workplace, some of which are even fatal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that over 4,000 Americans died on the job in 2011. The most dangerous of all these professions continues to be fishing. The list in order finishes with logging, aviation, recyclable collectors, roofers, steel workers, farmers, truck drivers, electrical power line repairers, and taxi drivers. Once you have decided to file a claim for workers’ compensation it is recommended to seek representation from a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney is very knowledgeable with the process of filing claims for workers’ compensation. Also, personal injury attorneys are currently using the website as a free online directory of physicians all working on a lien basis to treat patients. They will be able to search multiple specialties ranging from chiropractors to neurologists to find you a doctor. With this directory of doctors on liens, you will not have to come out of pocket for any medical expense. has decreased the time in resolving cases due to the ease of finding a doctor to start the treatment phase of a claim, which means you can now receive settlement amounts sooner.