Last Updated On: 8 October 2012

Young Girl Loses Part of Thumb at Waterpark

A personal injury lawsuit in Texas claims that a young girl lost part of her thumb at a waterpark in the wave pool’s suction vent. Serenity C. Davis filed her personal injury lawsuit in Galveston’s 10th District Court by Houston personal injury attorney, Daniel D. Horowitz III. His practice is devoted nearly one hundred percent to plaintiffs’ personal injury. According to the claim, Serenity was waiting for the next wave against the wave pool’s wall, when she suddenly felt her hand being sucked into one of the vents on the wall. As the wave pool’s current pulled her in one direction, her thumb was suctioned into the vent in the opposite direction. Serenity was able to scream for help and nearby swimmers came to her aid. Her hand was pulled out of the vent with part of her thumb down to her knuckle detached. The waterpark is being accused of negligence in creating unreasonable harmful conditions. Serenity’s personal injury lawsuit seeks unspecified damages to cover her numerous medical expenses, disfigurement, physical impairment and pain and suffering. If you suffer an injury from an accident, you should immediately request the advice of a personal injury attorney so that you are fully represented and compensated for your distresses. Attorneys will be able to find you doctors who will treat your injuries on a lien. In a case such as Serenity’s, many different medical doctors like orthopedists, radiologists, psychiatrists, etc. will be needed on a lien basis until the case is settled. Personal injury attorneys have been using the free directory at to find various doctors who will care for patients on lien.