Last Updated On: 31 January 2017

The Basics of a Medical Lien

Typically, when someone goes to a doctor for any ailment or disease, they must pay for the services provided at the time of treatment. This is generally done out of pocket or an insurance company will cover the payment, especially if it is a large amount.

In the case of car or work place accidents, this is not always the case. The injured person must still see a doctor and be treated, but often times the doctor is not paid upfront. This is because the patient’s insurance may not cover treatment, or in the worst case, they do not even have medical insurance.

In personal injury cases, generally the victim is injured due to the negligence of another person. If the injury is substantial, the injured party generally holds the careless person liable for the damages caused due to the injury. These damages could include medical expenses, loss of payment due to absence at work and personal suffering. The victim files a personal injury case and if they win, the settlement received from court is used to pay for the medical expenses.

The doctors working with the attorney’s patient agree to see them under the protection of a promissory note or a ‘Letter of Protection’. This is also known as a medical lien.

When an attorney is working on a personal injury case, they must first locate a doctor who is willing to work on lien basis. Once this is accomplished, the attorney sends a letter of protection to the doctor and promises them a payment as soon as the case is settled in court. Even if the ruling not in favor of the victim, the doctor will still be paid by the attorney’s client.

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