Last Updated On: 20 June 2017

Power Liens New Psychologist on Lien – Dr. Arthur Sarkisian

Anyone who has searched for a Psychologist willing to to see a patient on a lien knows how difficult it can be. Fortunately, searching for hours to find the perfect physician on lien is a thing of the past. Power Liens is proud to add a Psychologist in Los Angeles with multiple locations!

Psychologist on Lien - Dr. Arthur SarkisianDr. Arthur Sarkisian is a vetted and qualified psychologist who accepts patients a lien basis for personal injury cases as well as workers’ compensation. His facility, AC & CS, has two locations in Los Angeles County: one in Glendale and the other in Burbank. AC & CS specialize in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Concussion Evaluation, Pre-Trial Evaluation, Psychoanalysis, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, and services for those in DCFS Court (Child Protective services).

In addition to their later evening and weekend hours, AC & CS is also multilingual and fluent in English, Armenian, Russian, Spanish, Farsi and French. AC & CS is an incredible resource for attorneys practicing in Los Angeles, as many patients involved in an accident suffer minor to severe mental trauma. Finding a psychologist on lien to help a client may not only be necessary for the case, but essential to the well-being and full treatment of a client.

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