Last Updated On: 10 January 2017

When Can Employees File a Workers’ Compensation Case?

Whenever a worker suffers an injury in their workplace, they may be eligible to file a workers’ compensation case. These employees can then claim compensation for medical expenses and lost wages as well as rehabilitation services. Most employers are required to haveworkers’ compensation insurance, and this program is designed to treat employees who have been injured at work and help them make a full recovery.

Here are a few scenarios where an employee can file a workers’ compensation case:

Slip and fall

Most of the slip and fall injuries that occur at work places are due to wet floors or oil spills. These scenarios are most common in factories and construction jobs. However, sometimes even a snowy walkway could be the reason. These slip and fall injuries are evaluated by a doctor and the intensity of damage is assessed for the personal injury or workers’ compensation case. The greater the damage, the more likely that the patient will have a good case.

Body reactions

When the use of a chemical or a new product has a negative reaction on the body of the employee, it is likely they can file for a workers’ compensation case. However, whether the injured party has a good case once again depends on the severity of the reaction which must first be evaluated by a physician.

Fall to a lower level

Falling from a height such as from a roof or from a ladder can leave the employee severely injured and unable to work. Falling from multi-leveled work places is often even more serious and the injuries sustained are generally far worse. If this is the case, the employee can file a workers’ compensation case.

Struck by an object

An injury caused by any sort of falling or dropped object from a higher level is also considered as a workers’ compensation case. The injury is evaluated by a doctor as well as the intensity of damage to proceed with a case.

Struck against an object

This is an injury caused by an employee accidently bumping into something that was wrongly placed in the office premises or negligently left there. With these cases, the object must be wrongly placed there negligently; if the employee is at fault for carelessly bumping into the object, it will not be considered under a workers’ compensation case.

Machinery accidents

Machinery used at the workplace should be up to date and free of defects. If a worker is injured due to faulty machinery that the employer carelessly did not repair or replace on time, the employee can file a workers’ compensation case. Employers are expected to keep all the machinery in a safe and working state and can be held liable if they do not do so.

Workplace violence

The workplace should be safe place for employees to work without fear of any external attacks or violence. It is the responsibility of an employer to keep a safe, healthy workplace environment. If the employer fails to do so, the employees can file a workers’ compensation case.

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