Last Updated On: 8 July 2020

Chiropractors Are Finding Unique Ways to Offer Remote Essential Care to their PI Patients

Offering essential care as patients recover and return to their daily routines, chiropractors can serve as crucial allies and advocates to those suffering personal injuries. The need for personalized care has not diminished during the pandemic, although the way of life for most people has changed. As a result, many chiropractors are utilizing innovative telehealth sessions that allow them to engage one-on-one with their patients while minimizing the time spent in close proximity in an office setting.

Chiropractors and their teams use these virtual sessions to discuss a patient’s symptoms, assess their progress, offer at-home exercises and answer questions while making efficient use of time for everyone involved. Since an in-person visit is required for chiropractic manipulations, telemedicine augments rather than replaces in-person treatment. Using this type of technology can also help patients establish the confidence they need to care for their musculoskeletal conditions, learn from their chiropractic doctors and physical therapists and make healthcare more accessible.

For physical healthcare as well as other specialties, diagnosing and treating patients earlier can have improved outcomes, often with lower cost. Telemedicine can improve access to healthcare and encourage patients to seek treatment earlier than they would with office visits. Healthcare outcomes can also be dependent on patient behavior post-care. This is where telemedicine can make a big impact, by opening up opportunities for continued care and communication between provider and patient.

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