Last Updated On: 7 February 2023

Power Liens Has the Dentists on Liens That Your Clients Need

In a personal injury case, if a client has broken, chipped or otherwise damaged their teeth in an accident, a dentist may be required to evaluate their losses and provide treatment. This is crucial for the patient’s well-being and ensuring their fullest recovery possible.

Dental trauma occurs when an injury to the mouth involves damage to a person’s teeth, lips, gums, tongue, and jawbones. The most common dental trauma is a broken or lost tooth, commonly occurring with motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. 

Traumatic dental injuries can come in many forms, including sublaxation, luxation and dislocation of teeth, and fracture of teeth and maxillofacial bone. This can also often be accompanied by injuries inside and out of the mouth, concussion, whiplash or other head and neck injuries. Additionally, soft-tissue injury may cause ecchymosis, hematoma and laceration or abrasion.

Treatment will depend on the location, type, and severity of each injury. Dentists working on liens will evaluate patients to determine the impact an injury has had on their head, face, neck, jaws, mouth, and teeth, as well as any dysfunction, including limited jaw movement or noises in the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Dental providers must determine the presence of orofacial injury, and diagnose and treat dental trauma by a dentist or an endodontist immediately.

Getting treatment is vital as these types of injuries can also have a significant impact on patients’ every day life. In addition to pain and inconvenience, complications may arise including infection, headaches and even nerve damage.

If your client is suffering from a dental-related injury, check out some of the well-reputed dentists who work on a lien basis in our Power Liens network:

Kambiz Kashfian, DDS
Dentist, TMJ Treatment
Beverly Hills
Dr. Yury Geylikman
Valley Village
Southern California Injury Treatment Center
Dentist, Imaging Center, MRI, Orthopedic Surgeon – Spine, Orthopedist, Pain Management, Physiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehab (PM&R), Radiologist, Spine Consult, Telemedicine
Chino Hills