Last Updated On: 29 November 2022

Did You Know… Power Liens Has Dentists, Podiatrists and Other Medical Specialists Working on Liens?

Over the past 10+ years, Power Liens has built a reputation as the premier marketing platform for medical professionals working on liens by creating and nurturing lasting relationships between the best lien doctors in California and personal injury firms who need their expertise to treat their clients.

Our network features neurologists, pain management specialists, radiologists, orthopedists and chiropractors, as well as niche specialists like dentists and podiatrists. This broad range of professional skills is crucial to supporting the unique needs of individual patients and helping them recover from an accident or work-related injury to the fullest extent possible. Here is a sampling of the medical specialists who can play a pivotal role in treating your personal injury client:

The human foot is a complex structure composed of 33 joints, 26 bones and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments that all work together to bear weight, allow for locomotion and transmit force. While sprains, strains and fractures can impede mobility, crush injuries, puncture wounds and similar trauma to the foot and ankle can be devastating. A skilled podiatrist can help repair the damage and help ensure the patient achieves their fullest recovery and mobility following an accident.

Traumatic dental trauma can come in many forms, including concussion, subluxation and dislocation of teeth, and fracture of teeth and maxillofacial bone. In addition, soft-tissue injury may cause ecchymosis, hematoma and laceration or abrasion. Dental providers must determine the presence of orofacial injury and diagnose and treat dental trauma by a dentist or an endodontist immediately. Dentists working on liens evaluate patients to determine the impact an injury has had on their head, face, jaws, mouth, and teeth, as well as any dysfunction, including limited jaw movement or noises in the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Plastic Surgery
The reflection we see in the mirror is vital to our identity and sense of self. It shapes how we feel about ourselves, how we interact with the world and how at home we are in our bodies. When that appearance is altered, it produces a condition known as dysphoria, which is typically defined as a deep and debilitating discomfort with one’s own appearance.

A patient whose physical appearance is permanently changed by an accident may feel like their identity has been altered, as well. They may experience anxiety, fear, frustration, helplessness or rage – feelings that exacerbate the emotional toll resulting from the accident itself. A skilled plastic surgeon, especially one who has worked extensively in the field of reconstructive surgery, can help a patient restore a sense of self and regain control over their lives.

During the course of personal injury cases, some pharmacies will work on liens to fulfill the client’s needs with the prescribed medication. In this way, the pharmacy acts as a liaison between the doctor and the attorney and also ensures that the prescriptions are delivered to the client without delay. This enables the doctor to treat the patient quickly, as well as provide relief for the injured party who otherwise would not have access.

No matter the type of injuries your client may be facing, Power Liens has amazing doctors and physicians all working on liens to help ensure they get the care they need and deserve. Check out some of our specialized and talented providers below:

KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle
Los Angeles

Dr. Yury Geylikman
Valley Village

Southern California Injury Treatment Center
Dentist | Imaging Center/MRI | Ortho-Spine | Orthopedist | Pain Management | Physiatry | PM&R | Radiologist | Spine Consult | Telemedicine
Chino Hills

Dr. Keyvan Bamshad, DDS
West San Fernando Valley | Thousand Oaks

Kambiz Kashfian, DDS
Beverly Hills

Dr. Andre Aboolian
Plastic Surgeon | Telemedicine
Beverly Hills

Pacific Spine and Orthopedics
Anaheim | Downey | Newport Beach
Riverside | Sacramento

Dr. David Shamouelian
ENT (Otolaryngologist) | Plastic Surgeon
Costa Mesa | Sherman Oaks | Beverly Hills

Ronco Pharmacy