Last Updated On: 12 March 2019

Silver Creek Radiology – Your Imaging Partner

Silver Creek Radiology

Silver Creek Radiology’s mission is simple—to perform imaging and imaging interpretation at the highest possible level.

And how do they commit to such a mission?

By setting the outpatient standard for imaging in medicine. The facility ensures patient imaging is done with the lowest dose of radiation possible while continuously providing the patient with the most excellent care.

Adhering to their mission has helped Silver Creek Radiology gain the trust and confidence of physicians throughout the community—and become the number one choice in San Jose when it comes to fulfilling diagnostic imaging needs.

Silver Creek Radiology offers a full range of imaging and intervention services. These include radiography (X-rays), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammography, bone densitometry and more at its facility in San Jose, Ca.

So, if you’re searching for a compassionate, standard-bearing imaging center in San Jose that accepts personal injury liens, visit Silver Creek Radiology on Power Liens.

Or call Silver Creek Radiology at (408) 645-6507.