Last Updated On: 3 October 2012

Distracted Tourists Increase Accident Totals in Florida

Tourist heavy states like Florida have experienced a rise in accidents because of distracted motorists on their highways and streets. Whether is confusion of destination or admiring all the sights the state has to offer tourists can be the cause of several motor vehicle crashes. When you are involved in an accident the shock of the event may cause you to lose sight of the big picture, so below are some steps that you should try to keep in mind in the event you are injured in a crash:

  1. Always accept treatment from first responders.
  2. Contact the Local Police Department
  3. Take Pictures of all damage done to the car and your body
  4. Obtain the other parties’ insurance information
  5. Contact your insurance company and notify them.
  6. Receive a free consultation from a personal injury attorney

It is very important that you speak with a personal injury attorney before you file a claim. With their years of knowledge they will be able to guide you through the process and prevent you from damaging the value of your claim. Attorneys will also be able to find you doctors who will treat your injuries on a lien basis meaning you won’t have to come out of pocket for medical bills. The website directory is a resource that personal injury attorneys are currently using to find their clients any doctor specialty they need to get them back to full strength.