Last Updated On: 15 April 2019

WestStar Physical Therapy – PT on LIEN With Over 49 locations!

WestStar Physical Therapy

With over 49 locations across five counties, WestStar Physical Therapy Network is California’s most comprehensive physical therapy network.

The staff and therapists at WestStar understand what your client needs and provides top-of-the-line care from start to finish.

WestStar also:

• Understands the potential risk of Personal Injury cases
• Will provide one person as your contact for all issues
• Will forward you case status on your patient’s current treatment and closed client
cases on a monthly basis

WestStar is located in the following areas:

WestStar Physical Therapy Network

To schedule your client, call (714) 589-2267 or click here to view more of their locations.

Have a client with back pain? Watch the video above to understand the different types of back pain they could be having and the best ways to treat it.