Last Updated On: 9 March 2021

Getting a Grip on Chronic Hand Pain with Customized Orthopedic Care

Hand pain can develop over time as a person ages and their joints become worn from arthritis. But a hand injury suffered in an accident can be devastating — affecting not only the joints but the bones, tendons and ligaments. The appropriate medical treatment can repair the injury and allow the patient to regain mobility, which is why it’s essential to find the right orthopedic surgeon to care for your client.

Dr. Jonathan Oheb is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with extensive training and years of experience in hand and upper-extremity surgery, general orthopedics and orthopedic trauma. In addition to hand, elbow, and shoulder care, he provides comprehensive surgical and nonsurgical treatments for all orthopedic conditions of the hip, knee, and ankle, including broken bones and injuries, all on liens. He serves patients in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Mission Hills, with his extensive knowledge, experience, and attention to their orthopedic needs.

With patient comfort and satisfaction as his top priority, Dr. Oheb strives to give each patient a positive experience and customized orthopedic care. His goal is to relieve symptoms and restore function in patients of all ages.

Dr. Oheb is committed to providing the best possible care for his patients, allowing them to enjoy the fullest possible recovery following an accident. He approaches his patients with compassion and is driven to learning and developing new ways to improve the well-being of his patients with orthopedic conditions.

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