Last Updated On: 27 December 2016

Helping personal injury victims through the ordeal

In a personal injury case, one person is injured due to the negligence of another. It could be anything including a automobile accident, a slip and fall accident, product defect accidents, assault, medical negligence and so forth. For example, if a vehicle driver is not following traffic rules, this is a demonstration of carelessness or negligence on the part of the driver.If anyone else is injured as a result of this the driver’s lack of care, then driver may be liable for their losses. The victim or the injured can then file a personal injury case and claim their losses.

Often times, immediately after the incident the victim is already in great pain and requires medical assistance. In this case, hospitals usually provide initial assistancebut are required to relieve the patient after their condition is stabilized. However, typically the patient will require further medical treatment after this initial visit. It is not unusual for victims of these accidents to have difficulty paying their medical bills and often times their insurance will not cover it. In some cases, they may not even have insurance!

Despite all of these possible scenarios, there is still a way that the patient can get treated. The victim can file a personal injury case and hold the careless driver liable for their expenses. If the case is won, the careless driver will then compensate the victim for his losses which include the medical fees.

This process begins when a personal injury attorney takes a case and fully understands the scenario.They will then find a doctor that is able to treat the specific injuries without an upfront fee. However, the attorney prepares a ‘Letter of Protection’ which states that once the case is settled in court and compensation is received, the doctor’s fees will be paid. If the doctor agrees to work on lien basis, the patient and attorney sign this letter or agreement as well. Finally, treatment commences.

In the past, doctors oftenavoided such cases. Seeing a patient on lien was associated with the risk that they may not be paid for their services. In extreme cases, if the victim refuses to pay then their payment is placed in hold until a second dispute is settled in court. This process was far too long, not to mention messy.
There were simply too many parties involved in the negotiations for compensations. Middle-men would get between doctors and attorneys, make communication difficult and sometimes even hold the lien themselves.

Fortunately, things have changed. Power Liens was formed to make this process simple and easy for everyone involved. Attorneys have complete freedom to talk to doctors that are registered on our website and negotiate their own terms for working on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Unlike other companies, we stay out of any such discussions.

Once the doctors and the attorneys have contacted each other, they can do business without interference! Power Liens has over 4000 physicians willing and ready to see patients on a lien basis.

If you are an attorney looking for a doctor to work on a lien basis for your next personal injury case, all you need to do is enter the speciality and the location and click on ‘Search’!