Last Updated On: 19 February 2020

How pre-existing conditions impact personal injury cases

A major hurdle many personal injury attorneys face when fighting for their clients is the fact that, like many of us, their clients were not in peak or flawless health at the time of their accident. Claimants’ health conditions, both large and small, can considerably impact their personal injury claims and the compensation they receive.

Of course, claimants in personal injury cases aren’t entitled to receive payment for injuries or conditions unaffected by the accident. That said, they are entitled to compensation for pre-existing conditions to the extent they were exacerbated or aggravated by the accident, as well as mental health conditions like anxiety and depression caused by the incident. For this reason, it’s absolutely vital to determine the scope of pre-existing conditions both before and after an accident. 

Because negligent parties, their insurance companies, and the attorneys they hire, are likely to blame pre-existing conditions for much of the claimant’s post-accident suffering, clients must share as much as possible when discussing the case with their lawyers. Failing to disclose a pre-existing condition could jeopardize their case, or even leave them vulnerable to legal action, even if it was an honest mistake on their end.

Your clients may become discouraged from pursuing what is rightfully owed them falling an injury, fearing their pre-existing condition may be blamed for any (or even all) of the very real trauma they’re suffering following an accident. In many cases, however, injury victims with pre-existing conditions have a greater wealth of evidence of their medical history before the accident due to the regular medical treatment they were likely receiving. Because the potential compensation amount may depend on proving an accident exacerbated a client’s pre-existing condition or impacted their quality of life, complete and detailed medical records will be an invaluable tool in proving any claims.

No matter the extent of a claimant’s pre-existing condition, however, nobody deserves to be injured. That’s where the “Eggshell Skull Rule” comes in. This important legal concept, with a somewhat upsetting name, has huge ramifications for personal injury victims with pre-existing conditions. The rule, which comes from an imagined scenario where a victim’s skull was as thin as an eggshell, states that the relative weakness or infirmity of a victim is not a valid defense. Nobody should be apprehensive to contact an attorney if they were injured due to someone else’s negligence, regardless of the state of their health before the accident.

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