Last Updated On: 9 August 2016

Why should OC doctors be considering personal injury cases and working on liens?

There is a growing trend of Orange County doctors working on personal injury and workers compensation cases, on a lien basis. Medical professionals understand the value of premium healthcare services required for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. The contribution of a board-certified specialist could shift the trajectory of a legal case, particularly during the patient’s treatment process and the collection of medical evidence required in court proceedings.

For doctors in Orange County, the process of working on a medical lien basis has become very streamlined with the elimination of negotiators trying to maintain a foothold on reimbursements of personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. Now, the lien process is modified and seamless, as dealings occur exclusively between the medical and legal professionals and the client.

The online directory platform

Power Liens has formed the largest online directory of medical professionals who work on a lien basis—with over 4000 doctors offering medical services in 25 different specialties. We have established close relationships with both legal experts and board-certified medical professionals, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, pain management specialists, neurosurgeons and psychologists. At Power Liens, there are no hidden articles or fees for our services. We believe that the search process should be straightforward for both attorneys and doctors. The added value of working with Power Liens is having unrestricted access to our engaged research team who will help you locate the right doctor. Simply email, text, or call our team for assistance.

For medical professionals not currently listed on Power Liens, please contact us directly for more information on how to register your practice on our directory.

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