Last Updated On: 15 June 2017

The Power Liens Research Team

Power Liens

If you’ve used Power Liens to find a physician on lien, chances are you have crossed paths with our friendly in-house research team. However, even from those interactions it is difficult to know how much effort goes into what they do. Whether you are a doctor, attorney, paralegal or simply interested in how we do it, welcome to Research Team 101!

Our In-House Research Team also assists in scheduling for several doctors. If you call a doctor and a Power Liens rep answers, don’t worry! This is only to ensure that the connection is made smoothly, and from there, we put you in touch with the doctor’s office so that you may communicate freely with the physician. Power Liens is not a third party, and from the moment you are connected with a physician, we stay out of it!

The process to submit a request with our team is incredibly simple. When you arrive at, first use our homepage to search for the physician on lien that you are looking for. If the search brings up profiles, great! Click on the best fit and contact the physician directly. If not, you will see our search request form. Fill this out and soon after you submit it, a member or our team will let you know that it was been received and that we are looking!

Now that you understand what our research team does, you are likely wondering how much it costs to submit a request. The best and most unlikely aspect of our research team is that they process requests at no cost to the inquiring party! Power Liens was founded to improve access to physicians on liens.With this mindset, we happily receive and process requests every day for any physician located in California.

No time for the initial website search? Not a problem. Every day, law firms reach out to us directly to find the ideal physician on lien. You can call 800.680.5526 or email [email protected] with any request you may have. Get your search started here, or contact us! Our Research Team cannot wait to assist you in your search. Power your practice with Power Liens.