Last Updated On: 31 May 2016

How Can An Orthopedic Help In Your Personal Injury Case and How To Select the Right One!

Orthopedic surgeons deal with ailments of the skeletal system. Any diseases affecting the skeletal system generally have far-reaching impact on the normal life of these patients. Accidents and injuries could also affect the skeleton and the muscles surrounding it.

To begin with, let us understand the different types of ailments that could impact the skeletal system of our bodies.

1. Back and Spine Injuries
2. Hip and Knee Injuries
3. Foot and Ankle
4. Hand and Wrist
5. Pediatric Injuries
6. Shoulder Injuries
7. Sports Injuries
8. Trauma

There are general orthopedic surgeons who have knowledge of all the possible ailments of the skeletal system. However, for specialized services, you can contact a specialist. They will be better equipped to provide you with expert advice and quick services for patient recovery. Here are some of the specialist services that an orthopedic can provide:

• Total Joint Replacement
• Total Shoulder Replacement
• Spine Surgery
• Ligament Reconstruction
• Trauma Surgery
• Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

For attorneys working on personal injury cases and who require an orthopedist to expertly analyze your case, here are a few tips to select one:

Experience with personal injury cases

The very first question to ask an orthopedic is whether he has worked with an attorney on a personal injury case previously. Check whether the doctor has done a few depositions and understands how to testify in court. It is very important that he knows the process and understands his role in the entire process thoroughly. That’s when your client can benefit from such an arrangement.


Check whether the orthopedist has worked with a few attorneys previously to set some references. You can easily contact the previous attorney and get feedback about the doctor. A good doctor with experience in personal injury cases will work with a list of attorneys and will thoroughly understand the process of providing lien services.


Make sure that the doctor understands the importance of documentation and provides the patient with appropriate bills and paperwork so that the transactions are smooth. The bill amount and any other payment should not come as a surprise at the end of the treatment.

There are plenty of orthopedic surgeons to select from. There are many who provide services to attorneys working on personal injury cases too. Selecting the one you can work with long term is the key. It makes the whole process easy if the doctor, attorney and the client understand their role. Doctors who have worked with personal injury cases with other attorneys and understand the process and paperwork required can provide you with the kind of service you are expecting. So, make sure you understand all the implications and then select the right orthopedic for your next personal injury case.

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