Last Updated On: 15 July 2014

Power Liens Engages California Chiropractors at Key Convention to Develop Best in Class Services

Power Liens was pleased to sponsor the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) convention at Paradise Point, San Diego, California.  As a key “Notes” sponsor at the 2014 CCA Annual Convention & Market Place, Power Liens marketing consultants were present to showcase the company’s products.

The marketing team engaged approximately 600+ Chiropractors who attended this convention with detailed discussions on our services, and also talked about innovation at Power Liens.  Our products continue to generate tremendous excitement and are the basis of our discussions with the many Chiropractors who attended this event.  As part of our firm commitment to ongoing innovation, we are excited to incorporate their feedback to further inform our product development efforts.  As a technology company, we prides ourselves on developing and delivering value laden products, which offer our clients the following:

  • Drive efficiency in their practice
  • Reduce administrative burden and save time
  • Offer greater choices
  • Deliver convenience
  • Offer ratings to independently score a practice for quality
  • Add a new revenue stream for Chiropractors, who currently don’t work on lien

The California Chiropractic Association (CCA) is a statewide, nonprofit organization of chiropractic doctors and allied industries. CCA comprises 30 districts and three student chapters. Their mission is “Promoting high standards of professionalism and patient care through education, advocacy, and accountability.”   Power Liens is proud to partner with them and offer tools to their membership base, so they can further augment their existing capabilities.  The CCA page can be viewed at:

This Annual Convention featured powerhouse speakers with valuable and usable information within the renowned series of seminars, conventions, expositions and conferences. CCA offers doctors of chiropractic medicine, chiropractic students and chiropractic assistants the coursework, skills and knowledge needed to renew licenses and special certifications to enhance patient service and professional advancement.

Power Liens actively engages Chiropractors to better understand their needs, so we can develop products accordingly to cater to their unmet needs. As a partner, our goal at this event is to reach out to Chiropractors and introduce them to our products and discuss other innovative approaches to delivering mission critical services. Power Liens will also engage Chiropractors who don’t currently accept lien based cases, and offer a primer on how those practitioners can add a new revenue stream to their existing business and run their practice more efficiently.

Thank you again for visiting the Power Liens booth.  We will continue to serve you in the future and offer only the best in class products that will exceed your expectations.

The Power Liens page for doctors can be viewed at:  http://localhost/powerliens/pages/for-doctors/