Last Updated On: 2 September 2020

Reconstructive Surgeons Can Help Heal Painful Injuries and Return Life to Normal After an Accident

Mention plastic surgery, and many people will immediately think about popular cosmetic procedures. However, plastic surgery was originally designed to help people recover from physical trauma, and that legacy continues today. Plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures are used to correct a range of facial and bodily disfigurements, as well as painful injuries, improving the lives of untold numbers of patients.

Plastic surgery dates back to World War I, when surgeons developed techniques to aid soldiers who sustained disfiguring wounds on the battlefield. Rather than being shunned by their families, friends and communities, the men were able to regain a semblance of their former lives, thanks to the skill of their physicians.

We all know that the image we see when we look in the mirror is vital to our identity and sense of self. The reflection shapes how we feel about ourselves, how we interact with the world, and how at home we are in our bodies. When that appearance is altered, it produces a condition known as dysphoria, which is typically defined as a deep and debilitating discomfort with one’s own appearance.

A patient whose physical appearance is permanently changed by an accident may feel like their identity has been altered, as well. They may experience anxiety, fear, frustration, helplessness or rage — feelings that exacerbate the emotional toll resulting from the accident itself.

A skilled plastic surgeon, especially one who has worked extensively in the field of reconstructive surgery, can help a patient restore a sense of self and regain control over their lives. Power Liens has skilled plastic surgeons working on personal injury liens all over California. If you have a client suffering from dysphoria, or otherwise need help reclaiming their identity following an accident, please reach out to one of our featured providers below:

Dr. Andre


Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills

Dr. Brandon Richland

Pacific Spine

& Orthopedics

Plastic Surgeon

Newport Beach

Dr. David Shamouelian

Plastic Surgeon & ENT

Sherman Oaks

Dr. Howard Sutkin

Plastic Surgeon

San Jose

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