Last Updated On: 6 January 2017

Spine Surgeons and their Crucial role in Personal Injury Cases

A spinal surgeon specializes in the treatment of the nervous system, specifically the spine which transmits nerve impulses from the brain throughout the entire body. In a personal injury case, whenever there is severe damage to the spine or the victim complains about severe back pain, a spine surgeon is called upon for examination; however, the surgeon is not paid immediately. Instead, the physician works on a lien basis and will be paid after the personal injury case is settled in court and the victim is compensated for their losses. This formal agreement is signed by the doctor, the attorney and the victim.

Here’s how a spine surgeon can facilitate a personal injury or workers’ compensation case.

Initial evaluation

The role of the surgeon in the initial evaluation is of the utmost importance. In this stage, the injury is analyzed and the extent of damage is noted. The spine surgeon observes the movements of the patient, the ability to perform certain activities and what sort of treatment the patient will require. The severity of the damage is documented in detail during this stage and will be shared with the attorney.

Treatment Plan

Based on the initial evaluation, a thorough treatment plan is then prepared. Whether the patient requires a surgery or can be cured by alternative treatments, such as chiropractic treatment, is established at this stage. If physical therapy or chiropractic treatment can help the patient to recover, surgery is usually avoided altogether. If not, a detailed plan for surgery is prepared.


The spine surgeon then begins treatment and provides the attorney with an approximate timeline for the patient’s recovery. Every stage of the treatment is noted and the progress of the patient is carefully observed.


Documentation is by far the most important part of the entire process. The spine surgeon documents everything – including the medication prescribed, the after effects of the medicine and whether it is helping the patient to recover. This detailed deposition is used in court by the attorney to assist the victim. If the doctor has been diligent and the documentation is precise, the attorney’s job is easier and they can focus on winning the case.

The spine surgeon may be called to court in case any additional information is required. Once the case is settled, both the doctor and the attorney are paid from the compensation received.

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