Last Updated On: 6 November 2012

Using Your Practice To Create Value With Personal Injury Attorneys; Part 1: Establishing The Need

As a health care provider you have a product that is very valuable to Personal Injury attorneys. However, some of these attorneys do not see the need for your services. There are two separate categories of people that you are trying to bring into your office in order to maximize business revenue. The first group of people is made up of those actively seeking the services of a health care provider. The second group is made up of individuals who need your service but aren’t actively seeking your product. If you are using the same verbiage to attract both groups then you are making a common mistake. The first group is made up of less than 10% of your potential market where as the second group is over 90%. The goal in tapping into that 90% is to establish the perceived need among these individuals. That is why seeking out personal injury attorneys who need physicians to work on liens for their clients can be very profitable for your practice. They need a service that you provide, so it is up to you as the health care provider to make your services known. A new and effective site like is making it easier for attorneys to find your practices. Making sure you utilize these resources can be the difference in forming a valuable relationship with a reputable attorney.