Last Updated On: 28 April 2016

What is Chiropractic Treatment and What Questions Should an Attorney Ask before Selecting a Physician for His Personal Injury Cases

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals that diagnose and treat disorders related to the neuromuscular system. They believe that proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure will enable the body to heal itself without the need for medication. Their objective is to reduce pain and improve the condition of their patients via exercise, ergonomics and other pain relief therapies. Chiropractic treatment is known to restore the structural integrity of the spine and reduce the pressure it creates on the sensitive neurological tissue. This kind of treatment is sometimes used in addition to conventional medical treatment.

Here are some of the conditions that a Chiropractor can treat:

• Lower Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Repetitive Strains
• Sports Injuries
• Automobile Accident Injuries

In case of automobile accidents, getting treated is the very first priority. Secondly, medical bills will need to be paid. Hence selecting the right chiropractor makes all the difference in the treatment as well as the claim.

Medical Liens are becoming a very popular way of ensuring that medical treatment of the accident victim is given priority. The case is handled by an expert lawyer and the best part is – the physician, as well as the attorney, gets paid in the end.

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Here are a few tips to ensure that you select the right Physician.

Questions to ask before selecting a physician for your PI cases:

• Ask whether the physician has experience with accident injury evaluation and treatment. Make sure that the physician has done a few depositions and testifies in court.
• Make sure that you ask the physician for previous PI cases that he has worked on. Next, you can call up a few of those attorneys and get honest feedback.
• Does the physician work with multiple attorneys or with a single attorney? A good chiropractor will maintain a list of attorneys that deliver the best results and work with them regularly.
• Make sure that the physician does not ask the patient to get into a long-term treatment contract. Generally, the treatments are phased out and re-evaluations are done from time to time. So if there is a contract don’t fall for it blindly – take expert advice.
• Lastly, make sure that the physician provides proper bills and receipts. Make sure that you know the bill amount from time to time (if the treatment is lengthy) and it does not come as a surprise at the very end. A good physician will keep you updated.
• Make sure that the bills are not directly sent to the insurance companies. The patient should be informed and the attorney should be in the loop as well for any such communication.

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Here’s a list of our Chiropractors working on Liens in California.