Last Updated On: 17 January 2017

Orthopedic Surgeons and Your Personal Injury Case

In a personal injury case, if there is any sort of damage to the musculoskeletal system, an orthopedic surgeon is called upon for evaluation and to determine the intensity of injury. If it is significant, doctor will perform surgery so the patient can make a full recovery.

Here are a few types of surgeries that an orthopedic surgeon can perform:

Total joint replacement

The surgeon assesses the damaged area and then replaces it with either metal or plastic parts. These parts are naturally shaped so that they fit accurately and improve the movements in patients with damaged joints.

Spinal fusion

In a spinal fusion, the surgeon joins two vertebrae in the spine by making a bridge between the two. This prevents stretching of the nerves and reduces the pain that the patient is experiencing. This is a major surgery and typically lasts several hours.

Total shoulder replacement

This procedure involves replacing the damaged parts of the shoulder with metal or plastic implants. This is to improve the range of motion in the shoulder and help with movement overall. If successful, this restores comfort and function to the shoulder of the patient.

An orthopedic surgeon on lien works with an attorney to evaluate the personal injury victim, understand the intensity of the damage and create a plan for treatment. This includes what surgery they will need, the intensity of the procedure and the estimated time for recovery.

Diagnostics such as a MRI or CT scan are run to help accurately evaluate the patient’s condition. At this stage, the orthopedist will also recommend whether physical therapy will be required before or after the surgery for a full recovery. After all of these details are settled, providing the patient cannot be treated otherwise with medication or physical therapy, then they can be scheduled for surgery.

Finally, it is imperative that the orthopedic surgeon document each and every step that was taken to cure the patient. This documentation, known as a deposition, is essential as it will be used is court to assist the attorney in the personal injury case.

It is important to understand that in personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, doctors are not paid immediately for their services. This is because the victim in these cases is often unable to cover the costs upfront or their insurance does not cover all the medical fees. However, some doctors willingly treat the patient on a lien with a ‘Letter of Protection,’ which states that the doctor will be paid after the case is settled in court. If the results are in favor of the victim, then the doctor will be paid from the compensation received. Otherwise, if theruing was not in favor of the victim the doctor is still paid by patient. Whatever the ruling, the doctor receives compensation once the case is settled.

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