Last Updated On: 18 August 2016

How to find a Neurosurgeon Working on a Lien Basis for Your Personal Injury Case

Neurosurgeons are required in personal injury cases for treating patients who have sustained damage to their nervous system–the brain and the spinal cord. A neurologist performs the initial patient evaluation and subsequently offers the attorney the results, including the extent of injury or disability; a final prognosis and a suggested treatment plan, which may involve further diagnostic testing. For patients pursuing treatment from a neurologist working on a lien basis, payment is not expected until the case is settled in court. The neurologist and lawyer will collaborate and assign the terms of their agreement, which will enable the patient to continue treatments seamlessly.

Neurologists endeavor to source the patient’s nerve damage after a personal injury or workers’ compensation accident. While every personal injury or workers’ compensation case differs, there are some injuries that commonly occur. To locate a board-certified neurologist, Power Liens has established an outstanding reputation connecting those injured in an accident with reputable medical professionals. We offer the largest online directory for doctors working on a lien basis for personal injury and workers compensation cases–with over 4000 doctors offering medical services in 25 different specialties. You will discover that our robust directory features, acupuncturists, chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists, surgeons, which operate on a lien basis.

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Here’s how you can find a neurologist on Power Liens:

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• Once you have a list of neurologists in your desired area and make an appointment.
• You can also use filters to narrow your search and select the best doctor for your case.
• Finding a neurologist was never so easy!

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