Last Updated On: 18 October 2016

Known and Unknown Facts About a Letter of Protection

Let us consider a hypothetical scenario: an individual involved in a car accident is unable to pay the medical bills, and they soon discover that their insurance is unable to cover all of the cost for treatment.Of course, doctors expect to be paid as soon as the treatment is over, and in some cases the payment must to be done as the treatment progresses. Many simple diagnostic tests that are necessary to know the extent of an injury require immediate payment. What if you cannot afford all these medical costs? What if insurance does not cover the amount you cannot pay? What if you do not have insurance at all? How will you pay for the treatment and will any doctor agree to treat you at all?

The answer to all of these questions is a Letter of Protection.

In such cases, the attorney of the injured client sends a letter of protection to doctor, the content of which promises to pay the doctor the total amount after the case is settled. In other words, this is an agreement between the attorney, the doctor and the client who suffered the injury.

Essentially, a letter of protection is designed to assist someone who is injured due to the negligence of another and ensures that they will get the treatment they need even though they cannot pay for it up front.

Once the case is settled, the doctor and the other medical staff will receive their payments from the compensated amount. Note that even if the lawsuit was not settled in the plaintiff’s favor, the bills still must be paid. Likewise, when the lawyer wins money for the case, he is obliged to ensure that the physician receives payment for his medical expenses and services.

The client, the attorney and the doctor all three sign the agreement and the medical bills are paid from the proceeds of the settlement, even before the client receives the funds. This ensures that the doctors get paid for all treatment they have provided – whatever is the outcome of the case!

All this seems like a fairly simple process. However, in the practical sense it is very difficult to bring people together to work on liens. Working on a case with only a promise of payment or a letter of protection seems risky for the Doctor. That is why physicians in the past did not take too much interest unless they were personally or professionally acquainted with the attorney.

Thankfully, this scenario has changed over time. Online platforms such as Power Liens have made it possible for attorneys and doctors to easily find each other, work on cases together, build a sense of trust and ultimately build strong work relationships. It is been observed that after having worked with a particular attorney on a few cases, physicians will not hesitate to take up a few more lien cases.

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