Last Updated On: 18 May 2021

High-Quality Physical Therapists Can Help Personal Injury Victims Reach Their Fullest Possible Recovery

When your client is injured in an accident, recovery can be a long, challenging road. Helping them envision how their lives may look after treatment can be daunting and sometimes, even discouraging. Fortunately, Power Liens has the high-quality physical therapists who can provide your clients with the care they need — and deserve — to obtain the best possible outcome.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a multifaceted treatment plan that may incorporate soft-tissue massage, therapeutic exercise, heat and cold therapy, stretching and ultrasound therapy to improve the patient’s flexibility, strength and range of motion. 

Physical therapy may also involve teaching the patient how to use walkers, canes or other devices to help with mobility. Physical therapists may also give their patient  “homework” — or exercises to perform between appointments to maximize flexibility and improve their range of motion.

How Long Do Physical Therapy Treatments Last?

Every patient has unique physical therapy needs, and their individual treatment will depend on the severity of the injury, as well as factors like age and fitness level. For this reason, some patients may need only a few sessions while others may need more extensive treatment. Before treatment begins, patients should ask their physical therapist about the length and intensity of the treatment they’re planning.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Physical therapy is an important tool that should be considered as part of a patient’s recovery regimen, either on its own or in tandem with surgery, medication and other medical care, to help patients recover as quickly and fully as possible. Your client’s doctor can explain how physical therapy can help in the patient’s recovery.

Check out some of the highly skilled physical therapists in our network below:

Atlas Health


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San Francisco

MKS Physical


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Beverly Hills


PT Network

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Los Angeles County
Riverside County
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Ventura County
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