Last Updated On: 23 October 2013

Power Liens Attorney Spotlight Report


As part of a new editorial series, Power Liens will be contributing a weekly article showcasing a local personal injury or workers’ compensation attorney.  Using this series as a platform, Power Liens will spotlight prominent attorneys in Century City and aim to bring our Century City community closer together.

Anthony De Los Reyes is a personal injury/wrongful death trial rass & De Los Reyes, LLC.  Graduating from Whittier College School of Law in 1968, he has always been involved in the law community.  Mr. De Los Reyes is an active member of a number of orgalawyer and named partner at Procnizations including CAALA, CAOC, & ABTA. He has also been a hearing officer for the LAPD for 21 years, has served as a Lecturer for the BAR for 22 years and currently serves as President of the Civil Service Commission for the City of Los Angeles.

After graduating, Mr. De Los Reyes spent a year defending a prominent insurance company against personal injury claims.  Soon after, he followed his true passion; working for the plaintiffs of personal injury and wrongful death cases where negligence was involved. Mr. De Los Reyes is a true advocate for the victims and an expert at developing medical evidence. He states, “One of the things I don’t like to do is the posturing that most lawyers feel compelled to do…I cut to the chase… even with defense counsel.  Your clients want reasonable compensation expeditiously…and the lawyering, I think, sometimes gets in the way.”

The most rewarding aspect of Mr. De Los Reyes’ career has been being able to “…advocate strongly for the client.  The average client wants to hear the truth…” and he knows that a fully informed client builds a level of trust.  Over the years many attorneys have been mentored by Mr. De Los Reyes and in one case from a law clerk to a federal judge.  While getting more and more involved in the community, Mr. De Los Reyes still somehow found the time to become a pilot and play the piano.  He leads a rewarding life as an attorney ‘for the people’ and loves the public setting he has chosen for his work.


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