Last Updated On: 15 December 2020

Pain Management Doctors, Radiologists, and Chiropractors Make Great Teammates on Patients’ Path of Recovery

Following an accident or injury, getting an accurate and timely diagnosis is essential in selecting the appropriate treatment and getting the proper support for a patient. It’s equally important that every member of the medical team coordinates and collaborates in order to achieve the best possible outcome. This is why pain management specialists, chiropractors, radiologists and other healthcare professionals regularly pool their knowledge, expertise and resources to provide the most effective treatment for their patient.

Pain Management Doctors

A pain management doctor is a physician who specializes in pain management essentially acts as the “quarterback” on a patient’s recovery team. They take the lead in diagnosing the specific cause of pain and any underlying conditions. With that knowledge, they identify the most effective therapies and procedures to restore the patient’s health and well-being. You can read about specific pain-management techniques here.


Diagnostic imaging, performed by radiologists, can be crucial for identifying or confirming the extent of a patient’s injuries, including traumatic head injuries (TBIs), bone fractures or tissue damage. Using high-tech equipment, a radiologist can pinpoint the site and severity of a medical issue.

X-rays are a relatively affordable type of imaging test that can show bone fractures, soft-tissue calcifications, bone spurs and other issues with the skeletal system. 

Ultrasounds use sound waves to create diagnostic images of superficial soft tissues. They are especially useful for examining tendons, making it the imaging technique of choice for patients with injuries such as tendinitis. Because ultrasound allows for real-time imaging while the body is in motion, radiologists may ask patients to move an affected joint in specific ways during the procedure to best assess their injury’s toll in action.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests are ideal for the diagnostic imaging of muscle injuries, joint damage, sprains, fractures and head injuries suffered during athletic activities. An MRI uses radio waves within a strong magnetic field to create high-resolution images of entire musculoskeletal structures, including bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments and nerves. Some radiology facilities are even equipped to render three-dimensional MRI scans.

Computed Tomography (CT) scans can be helpful in providing a more detailed look at bones or soft tissues, making them ideal for diagnosing fracture lines, loose bodies and other complications within complex joints.


Once an injury is properly diagnosed, the best recovery options for patients may include injections or medications, provided under the guidance of the pain management doctor.  In tandem (and sometimes in lieu of) these other techniques, chiropractic care can be an essential treatment in helping patients recover following an accident. Research has shown that spinal manipulation and chiropractic care can be a helpful non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment for an assortment of conditions and injuries. You can read more about what to look for in a chiropractor here.

Because every patient’s condition is unique, it is imperative that their medical team works collaboratively to empower them and their families to make the best choices about their care and recovery. Power Liens works with the best doctors in California in every imaginable field who treat patients on personal injury liens. Please check out a sampling of our providers below:

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