Last Updated On: 13 July 2021

3T MRIs Can Provide Clearer Scans When Diagnosing Trauma Following an Accident

When it comes to diagnosing physical abnormalities and trauma following an accident, it’s often vital you have the most accurate tools available. That is why many patients require the sensitivity of a 3T MR system when being evaluated following an accident. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging has made a lasting impact on clinical diagnoses since its invention in the 1970s. The technology has continued to evolve, improving the use and efficacy of the system. The strength of an MRI is measured using Teslas (T), which quantifies the strength with which the scanners generate magnetic fields. The higher number of Teslas, the greater the detail and clarity of the scanned image.

Over the past several decades, 0.6T MRIs were largely replaced by more comprehensive 1.5T MRIs. More recently, however, 3T MRIs have been used to provide higher-resolution scans that double the resolution and clarity of the previous generation of machines. While 1.5T MRIs are effective in many circumstances, there may be important benefits for patients that seek diagnoses via 3T models:

Image quality

One of the most important aspects of an accurate diagnosis is image quality, and 3T MRI scanners demonstrate superior, high-clarity imaging capabilities — double the strength and signal of 1.5T MR systems. This machinery is especially practical in evaluating the health of the brain (including the diagnosis of cerebral lesions), blood vessels, muscles and bones.


A 3T MRI can shorten scans without a compromise on the accuracy of images, enabling providers to manage high patient volume without any reduction in scan quality, and allowing patients to avoid long periods in potentially uncomfortable confined spaces.

Patient Experience

3T machines are also gentler on the patient’s body as the tables are designed to alleviate pressure points. This could provide for a more relaxing and comfortable exam.

In addition, the 3T MRI could replace traditional, more uncomfortable means of biopsy, as the machine’s higher-powered scans can provide accurate scans of sensitive or delicate areas without the need for more invasive procedures.

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