Last Updated On: 21 June 2016

Why is pain management important and how does it help a PI case

Pain management is important to control ongoing pain, especially if you suffer long term chronic pain. A doctor generally assesses your condition and decides what pain management treatment you would require. In personal injury cases, pain management specialists are required for providing clients with pain relief so that they can return back to normal life – pain free.

Pain management specialists are experts in their ability to relieve the patient of pain and improve their quality of life. The treatment generally includes a plan to reduce, relieve and manage pain caused by the personal injury. Pain management professionals could be experts in anesthesia, or they may be oncologists, surgical specialists, physical therapists etc.

They treat and rehabilitate the patient back to normal life. The patient and the pain management therapist discuss the pain and decide a course of action.

The pain management specialist has a very important role to play in personal injury cases. However, there are certain things that the pain management specialist needs to maintain meticulously. They need to maintain all the records of their visits. Document all that has been done from day one!

For every personal injury or workers’ compensation case, the doctors involved need to understand the process. The attorney will require detailed documentation of the case in terms of medical treatment and the condition of the patient.

All the tests taken, X-Rays, ECGs will require to be maintained. These are filed and produced in court if necessary.

Each patient visit needs to be recorded and the treatment suggested needs to be filed. This helps the attorney discuss his client’s condition and justify his claims in court.

It is also a good idea to maintain photographs as the treatment progresses. Many a times, the decision of the personal injury case or the workers’ compensation case depends on the deposition submitted by the doctor. The doctor may be called upon to testify in court.

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