Last Updated On: 20 June 2016

Personal Injury lien in California – Finding a doctor has never been so easy!

California is one of the states that records the highest rates of personal injury cases. Thus the demand for doctors willing to work on liens is very high here. Attorneys are constantly looking for experienced doctors to work with them on personal injury as well as workers’ compensation cases.

Not everyone can afford a physician and not everyone has medical insurance that can cover all the expenses. Generally, the party at fault in the personal injury cases is generally responsible for paying the medical costs of the injured, the case in the court could go on for months and the doctor may not be willing to wait that long. The attorney in such cases provides the doctor with a letter of protection that says that the doctor will receive payment when the case is settled irrespective of the outcome. The patient also signs this agreement.

Emergency requirements are met

Hospitals provide emergency services to personal injury patients. But these services are just enough to meet the minimum criteria for discharge. After that the patients are all on their own – they still require medical care though! This is where doctors on liens play a very important role. The patient’s emergency medical requirements are met and the doctor treats the patient until complete cure.

Finding a doctor on Power Liens

Earlier, finding a doctor who will take such a risk was near to impossible. Those who agreed to work were very few. The doctors found the process too tedious and the rewards, even though very profitable, came after the case was settled – which sometimes take a really long time! Power Liens is an online portal with the largest database of doctors who work on liens. Finding a doctor on lien has never been so easy! Doctors listed on our site are specialists and have experience working on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Some doctors are highlighted as “Preferred”. These are the ones that are scrutinized for their previous work, specialties and recommendations from other attorneys.

Finding a doctor on lien with Power Liens is very easy! Within a few clicks you can locate a specialist to work with you on a personal injury or a workers’ compensation case.

With the demand for personal injury attorneys increasing, the demand for doctors working on medical liens is also increasing. More and more doctors in California are accepting personal injury liens.

If you are an attorney working on personal injury cases and workers’ compensation cases, Power Liens is the best place to look for doctors to work with. Check out our extensive list of doctors and you can filter them as per the specialty you require and the area that your client lives in. It’s that easy!

Personal Injury lien in California – Finding a doctor has never been so easy! But Finding a doctor on lien with Power Liens is very easy!