Last Updated On: 1 April 2020

Power Liens invites you to take part in the BrainSoCal COVID-19 Giving Back Challenge!

Together we can make a difference to provide healthcare workers with protective equipment as they treat COVID-19 patients

Power Liens is proud to be among the first to partake in the Brain SoCal COVID-19 Giving Back Challenge, a fundraising initiative spearheaded by the Brain Society of California (Brain SoCal). The goal is to collect at least $250,000 to be able to purchase supplies such as gloves, isolation gowns, N95 masks and other protective equipment while they treat coronavirus patients for the hospitals in Southern California and their healthcare providers on the frontline of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At hospitals across the country, medical providers are being asked to reuse equipment intended only for single-use, or to simply go without. Given the transmissible nature of the virus, this lack of protection endangers not just the providers, but their families, loved ones, and the other patients they treat.

Brain SoCal, a non-profit organization with deep ties to the medical-legal community, is stepping in to help. It devised the Brain SoCal COVID-19 Giving Back Challenge after a physician affiliated with multiple Southern California hospitals asked for donations to buy protective gear for healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients. Brain SoCal is challenging other companies, organizations and individuals to contribute to this worthy cause.

Power Liens is grateful for the opportunity to help. We are encouraging others to give anything you can and challenge others to do the same. Tag others @brainsocal using #brainsocalcovid19 to spread awareness and help Brain SoCal reach its goal. Every dollar raised will be donated to hospitals across Southern California.

Brain Society of California is acting as the donation sponsor and ALL donated amounts will be given to SoCal hospitals without any offset. We all must do our part during these trying times.

Thank you so much. We know we can count on you.