Last Updated On: 3 November 2020

Neuropsychologists Provide Support and Comfort to TBI Patients Throughout Their Treatment

Although the toll of physical injuries caused by an accident can be immediate and significant, a brain injury can be a life-altering condition. The relatively new field of neuropsychology was developed to help patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) recover their cognitive functions and behaviors.

Following a TBI, patients often need a team of physicians, surgeons and specialists to treat the site of the injury. A neuropsychologist focuses the effect of the injury on the patient’s brain functions, including development and physical biological and emotional wellbeing. Resolving these issues can be an essential to the patient’s recovery.

While it’s difficult to overstate the valuable role of a neuropsychologist in the initial treatment of TBI patients, their work is also critical in providing support and comfort to patients throughout their treatment. Because every patient is unique, neuropsychologists act as partners with the patient, their family, their medical team, to deliver personalized medical care throughout.

TBI’s are life-changing events, but ensuring you have the right people in your corner can make all the difference. With quality neuropsychologists on your client’s team, you can be sure they receive the best care possible and the greatest possible chances of recovery.

Power Liens works with the state’s best neuropsychologists working on personal injury liens. Please check out just a few of them below:

Dr. Bal Grewal

Neuropsychologist | Psychologist

Lancaster | Los Angeles

Panorama City

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