Last Updated On: 1 August 2016

Scope of a Dentist on Lien

Traumatic dental trauma is more common in motor vehicle collisions than industrial-related accidents. In both scenarios, “Dental trauma includes concussion, subluxation and dislocation of teeth, and fracture of teeth and maxillofacial bone, in addition to soft tissue injury that may cause ecchymosis, hematoma and laceration or abrasion”. Dental providers must determine the presence of orofacial injury, and diagnose and treat dental trauma by a dentist or an endodontist immediately.

The dental trauma evaluation is the same for both personal injury and industrial accidents. Using personal injury evaluation as an example, according to the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, “The history should include questions about any new symptom in the head, neck and dentition and the nature of the incident, including time, date, location and events leading to the motor vehicle collision. The patient should be questioned about any direct impact (e.g., whether any portion of the head, face, jaws, mouth or teeth struck or was struck by any object), pain (severity and location) and dysfunction (e.g., difficulty opening the mouth, range of jaw movement, altered occlusion, noises in the temporomandibular joints [TMJs], difficulty speaking or chewing and mobile teeth), and numbness (of the lip or chin).”

It is critical for the dentist to take copious notes throughout the initial evaluation, assessment of treatment plan and the progression of restorations. During the treatment phase, it is common for the doctor to photo-document before and after restoration images. The dentist will also document all services provided and billing. At the end of the day, the attorney will use the patient’s dental records as evidence of treatment in lien cases. In certain cases, the dentist may be called upon to provide the details of the patient dental record and treatment.

Working on lien a basis
The dentist agrees to work on a lien basis. The attorney, the doctor and the patient sign a letter of protection. He agrees that he will treat the patient without any payment upfront. Payment for services rendered will be disbursed after the case has been settled and the jury award has been paid.

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